Hair transplantation is a process where in we cover the bald area or we increase the density of the hair by transposition of strong and permanent hair roots from the back side of the head. Baldness does not exists any more in people’s vocabulary. Credit goes to the advanced technology and modern medicines.

With the aid of punch graft technique Dr. N. Orentreich realized first hair transplant for male pattern baldness. But the people were reluctant in accepting this procedure as it gave a dummy look due to the use of punch graft of 7-8 hair look.

The discovery of follicular units changed the scenario. In 1990’s use of FUT method became an everyday story, when micrografts were produced and were dissected into mini-micrografts via stereomicroscobic dissecting techniques.

The initial stage of the process is of obtaining natural hairline. The front hair should have non cognate and non banausic and smooth look.

For achieving best results, we tend to locate single unit grafts on the frontal hairline. The trick to attain best result is to proceed from middle to the posterior scalp by using treble or quadrille follicular unit groups.

The procedure may take time and you may find it tedious but in the meanwhile you may indulge yourself in a leisure activity.

The job is done when the graft insertion is complete. After that all you have to do is wait patiently to see the outstanding results.

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