FUT is a semantic for strip harvesting, a technique of hair transplantation. With the advancement in technology Follicular Unit Extraction Method was introduced. We can differentiate between both the methods from the dono’s end. Second stage is different in the FUE Method. Rest all the stages are similar.

So the basic step which differentiate between both the methods is how hair grafts are removed.


Hair Transplant Surgeons

Following are the steps which are followed during hair transplantation:

(a) Removing flap from donor of appropriate length and width

Between the ears of donor a portion of scalp is removed. We need to ensure that the flap is of accurate size and it should not exceed 1 cm in the ear zone and 1.5 cm at the posterior scalp in terms of width and the length should correspond as per the planned number of grafts. The determined size of flap is then removed.

(b) Suturing the dono’s wound after flap removal

The open wound of the donor is sutured. The depth of the scar is determined on the basis elasticity and tenderness of the skin, type of stitching material and suturing procedure. The sutures usually used are 4/0 nonabsorbable prolene surgical suture and 4/0 absorbable polyglycolic acid based pegalak surgical suture.

After FUT method the scar will start healing.

We have implemented the “Tricophytic Closure” technique declared in the ISHRS Congress after 2006 synchronously with the world as per which suturing scars are minimized.

(c) Dissecting the Removed Flap into Follicular Units (Grafts)

This step is the most influential step of the FUT Method. The size of the flap removed, number of micro channels developed, decent hair growth of the recipient etc depends upon follicles obtained by the recipient.

It basically depends upon how well dissection of the grafts into follicular units is carried out under the stereo microscopes.

The colossal transplantation session demands ample of time and attention of expertise of staff throughout the process. A special cooling solution is used for preserving the collected follicles and are prepared for transplantation.

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