When a person is undergoing the process of hair transplant one of the major concern during the whole process is that of getting linear scar. The recent development of technology and introduction of a wound closure method called “trichophytic closure” has helped the doctors to escape the scar problem.

A traditional hair transplant strip incision procedure refers to the process where in the doctors use a strip of hair bearing from the back of the head. After this the wound is sutured or stapled together. But the probability of getting a scar after this process is very high. So to escape this the trichophytic closure can be a great help.

There are variations in the trichophytic closure technique, But this method is the one where in edge of the incision is trimmed and closed in such a manner that hair can grow easily through it. The most beneficial part of this process is that the hair growth takes place through the scars itself. So it becomes hard for a lay man as well as experts to locate the scar.

Trichophytic closure technique is a successful method of achieving expected results. This method makes scars almost invisible The results have been tremendous and this process is getting worldwide acceptance.

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