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Hair Transplant in Delhi – Medispa

The hair transplant procedures are well known to be expensive procedures but now the story is different. The hair transplant industry has become very saturated for which the procedure has become highly economical especially in Delhi. The hair transplant cost in Delhi ranges from 60,000 to 400,000 INR varying as per the factors associated with the procedure.

The most crucial factor that decides the cost of the procedure in various clinics is the number of hair grafts needed to perform the procedure. Each hair graft at the clinics in Delhi would cost you around 40 – 120 INR.

But it is well understood that every clinic would not provide the excellent care and comfort despite the comparable costs. So look for the hair transplant clinic that has a great reputation for their work as the cost at the average clinic and a reputed one is going to be almost comparable or would differ in few bucks which feel worthy to spend on the quality. The other listed factors that determines the cost of the procedure includes the sex of the patients, type of hair transplant, extent of baldness, technique employed to perform hair transplant, educational qualification of the hair transplant surgeon, their experience and reputation of the clinic.

Considering an option in your budget make sense but the expected budget should be practically justifiable as per the procedure. You should focus on the quality for sure and then enlist the best budgeted option out of the quality hair transplant clinic and not just go for a cheaper one.

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Hair Transplant & Restoration Services at Medispa clinic

Medispa Male Hair Transplant

Male Hair Transplant

Male pattern baldness has been disappointing many males that feel why they have to suffer such embarrassing problem. But now that disappointment and disheartening can be temporary as you can solve your hair loss issue permanently with hair transplant procedure. Male hair transplant is basically…

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 Female Hair Clinic

Female Hair Transplantation

Hair transplant in Females is definitely a successful procedure and the basic techniques remain the same as in males. FUT is usually a choice of technique in females as no shave approach is the commonest demand in females. Including, higher yield of hair grafts in females make the procedure a success.

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Hairline Reconstruction Centre

Hairline Reconstruction

Nowadays, when the aesthetic awareness has increased among the general population too, the hairline designing has become very popular. If you are not convinced with your existing hairline and desire of an appealing look then it is definitely possible using the hair transplant procedure at Medispa Delhi Clinic.

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Failed* Hair Transplant Repair

Failed Hair Transplant Repair

It is very true that despite the advancements in the field of hair transplant the number of failed hair transplants is increasing. All credit goes to the introduction of cheaper services in this field. Seek for the best hair transplant clinic to avoid a failed hair transplant and achieve the incredible results..

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PRP Hair Loss Treatment

PRP Hair Loss Treatment

This procedure could enhance the healing and hair growth following hair transplant. Including, during early hair loss this technique could have a significant role in slowing the hair loss and enhancing the hair growth. The procedure is widely accepted by the hair loss sufferers due to…

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Best Moustache & Beard Hair Reconstruction Clinic in India

Moustache & Beard Hair Reconstruction

Facial hair transplant like beard and moustache hair transplant are growing huge popularity. These procedures are a huge success as the permanent outcome; natural looks and minimal invasiveness make this procedure a win win situation for the patient. The basic procedure stays the same as scalp hair transplant..

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Eyebrow Hair Transplant and Reconstruction Clinic in India

Eyebrow Reconstruction

Eyebrows are the centre of attraction of one’s face and the one deprived of them understands the importance of them. Now you are privileged because the scanty eyebrows can be treated successfully and turned into the attractive ones. The basic procedure is the same as the scalp hair transplant..

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Body Hair Transplant Clinic in India

Body Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is only feasible when your donor areas are suitably dense to provide the appropriate number of hair grafts. The donor areas at scalp ie the back and sides of the head if not sufficient might direct for exploring the alternate options to harvest the hair follicles..

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Hair Transplant in Africans

Hair Transplant in Africans

African hair transplant is said to be very difficult as the hair type and characteristic of the African population is distinct and different. The dense curls could cause high damage rate of the hair grafts due to their oblique course. The expert hands is the most critical requirement for a successful ..

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The hair transplant cost might range you from 60,000 to 400,000 INR which vary according to multiple factors associated with the patient and the procedure. The cost of the hair transplant majorly lies on the numbers of the hair grafts required for the procedure the cost of which in India varies from 20 – 125 INR for each hair graft.

Hair loss or alopecia is a common medical condition faced by almost every individual in their lives which could be temporary or permanent. The biggest culprit for its occurrence is the genetic causes followed by other causes like medications, hormonal imbalance or systemic conditions. In today’s world the increased prevalence is credited to the hand in glove culprits like environmental changes (pollution, water contamination etc), changed lifestyle, poor nutrition and increased stress.

The most crucial decision is to figure out that how many hair grafts should be harvested from the donor areas. The decision relies on many associated factors like extent of the baldness, hair density at the donor area, quality of the hair, skin laxity and the budget of the patient.

Hair transplant surgery is minimally invasive procedure which is a fairly safe procedure when performed under safe hands. The hair transplant is a technique oriented and precise procedure which needs a surgeon with huge experience and expertise to deal with tiny hair grafts. In novice hands hair transplant could go terribly wrong as you might end up losing your valuable hair follicles or sometime come across life threatening situations which is likely unsafe.

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