The surgery is very fast. More than 5000 grafts can be done in a single session. It is economical as compared to FUE.We don’t have to cut or trim the donor side unlike FUE. With a special type of closure technique called trichophytic closure, the scar you get at the back side is very minimal & hardly visible. Patient can resume his office duty from next day. This procedure is safe and complication free and result oriented. Hair is natural, permanent and growing forever.

In general, FUT method is the most preferred method worldwide as it yields more number of grafts which helps to cover wider bald area in a session. Dr.Soni has been practicing the advance techniques in hair restoration and is achieving very good results by FUT method.

Most of the transplanted patients are getting more benefited with FUT method in terms of results and coverage and also cost and it is least tedious to the patient and to the doctor also, hence Dr.soni is now more into FUT as it is giving good results when compared to FUE where one can achieve less number of grafts hence less coverage in a session.

Reconstructing a new hair line is a talent that needs artistic and surgical skills in sound proportion. It is very significant to have it done correctly at the first attempt itself, and so it needs considerable planning and forethought.

FUT (Trichophytic Closure)

  • Invisible scar line to naked eyes.
  • 100% guaranteed results
  • No damage to the follicles
  • Low cost and effective Hair Transplant technique
  • Naturally looking results Quality of the donor area always determines the outcome
  • Quality of the donor area is determined by:


  • Thickness of Hair shaft.
  • Nature of hair – Curly (better)
  • Laxity of the scalp.
  • Big donor area and lesser recipient area.
  • No medical contraindications.
  • No bleeding disorders.
  • No abnormal scarring disorders – Keloidal tendency.
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