Mega Giga Hair Transplant Session


The major concern of the doctors during hair transplant is on increasing the number of hair transplant per session. Years back doctors succeeded in increasing grafts upto 800 1000 grafts per session. But those with baldness of Type 5, 6, 7 were not happy with 800 1000 grafts growth.

But when Mega Session was introduced people took it as a huge success as it grew 1500 grafts per session. Today’s scenario is different where in it is possible to transplant 4000 5000 grafts per session.

Basically numbers of grafts that can be achieved depends upon number of grafts on a centimeter square of the donor. The hair tissue with approximately 100 grafts per cm2, the number of grafts that can be received from a 1cm×30cm flap is about 3000, and 4500 from a 1.5cm×30cm flap.

For successful achievement of number of grafts, we need upgraded technical hardware, team of expertise and ample of time. So for good results the donor should have good amount of time, expertise should be available and donor should have good number of grafts.

We at Medispa are performing Giga sessions regularly with the aid of well qualified and well trained professionals.