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Cost of the hair transplant in Delhi or any other cosmetic surgery has always stayed as a limiting factor for the selection of these procedures. But are you aware how affordable these procedures have become these days.Gone are the days when due to expensiveness these procedures were embraced by only celebs and high profile people. Now everybody is aware of hair transplant and select the procedure when in need.

Still people hesitate about the cost of the procedure that halt their way in making such choice. So let’s grab valuable information about the hair transplant cost in Delhi and other parts of India for better understanding.

Not only Indians but in fact people from all across the globe visit the country for the hair transplant tourism. Are you aware of the reasons, it is because of the:

  • High quality services
  • International level of standards
  • World class outcomes
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Huge comfort

In western world countries the hair transplant cost is touching sky and unfortunately cosmetic surgeries are not covered in insurance plans so the people have developed a new way out. Visiting India for these services is fruitful for them at every aspect. For hair transplant, Delhi and Jaipur has largely been popular in India for the cities offering the best hair restoration services. These cities are jewelled with expert and very talented hair transplant surgeons that are competent to deliver incredible hair transplant.

But it is not so that every clinic is offering the best services and your selection matters a lot for the success of hair transplant. There are uncountable numbers of unauthorized and cheaper services available not only in Delhi but in every city popular for hair transplant tourism because of huge business. These cheaper clinics trap the desperate hair loss sufferers and show them unrealistic dream. People often fall in the trap and receive failed hair transplant or botched outcomes which they definitely criticise.

So it would be wise to keenly look for the options and do not ignore the quality of the treatment over the cost.

Medispa hair transplant clinic is a rare gem in the field of hair transplant that is outshining since more than a decade for its excellence. We provide the world class services for hair transplant in India and are widely recognized worldwide for the incredible hair transplant. Dr SuneetSoni: the head and founder of medispa clinics is a believer of perfection and his expertise makes him fortunate to deliver the outstanding and remarkable results.

So you are exploring a genuine and competent clinic for hair transplant in Delhi then straightaway visit Medispa hair transplant clinic for the best experience.

What about the cost of hair transplant?

Considering the hair transplant costr, you should be relieved that the cost has become very affordable these days. If you compare the cost with the western world countries the hair transplant cost in delhi, India is jaw dropping. Delhi is especially affordable in terms of hair transplant because of the huge competition among the clinics. The city proudly introduces world’s renowned hair transplant surgeons for which the patient footfall approaching Delhi for hair transplant tourism is huge.

The cost of the procedure might vary from 60 K to 400 K that relies on various factors associated with the procedure.

You would be surely exploring the cost of the procedure prior to planning for the procedure. for your convenience here we have presented the gross cost of the procedure based on the area of baldness and the numbers of hair grafts needed during the procedure. The approximate cost is explained as follows:

Grade of baldness Technique Number of graft required Approximate cost quoted
Grade II and Grade III FUT or FUE 2500 – 3000 hair grafts 60,000 – 150,000 INR
Grade IV FUT or FUE 3000 – 4000 hair grafts 120,000 – 220,000 INR
Grade V FUT or FUE 3500 – 4500 hair grafts 150,000 – 250,000 INR
Grade VI and VII FUT or FUE More than 4500 hair grafts 180,000 – 280,000 INR

You might be wondering how to know your area of baldness and numbers of hair grafts needed. Visit our website to know these parameters by using a specialized self- assessment tool named “hair graft calculator”. Now you can have an estimate idea of the cost of the procedure but for the final cost you need to visit our centre and consult the doctor for the final cost which we quote after the complete assessment.

Most of the clinics quote the cost as per the count of the hair grafts to be harvested. Each hair graft would probably cost you around 20 – 125 INR.

You might be wondering how the cost in interpreted, so in the below section here are many factors that decides the cost of the procedure.

What are the factors affecting the cost of hair transplant in Delhi?

The factors deciding the cost of the procedure are explained as follows:

  • Number of hair grafts needed: The most crucial factor deciding the cost of the procedure is the need of the hair density for the coverage. The number of hair grafts are estimated followed by the final estimate of the cost. The cost would be high if the need of hair grafts is more and vice versa.
  • Extent of baldness: The area of baldness is graded by the Norwood classification. If the area of baldness is more than cost of the procedure would also be high.If the procedure demands more sessions, then the cost would increase more.
  • Type of hair transplant: The hair transplant is not only for the scalp coverage but also for the facial hair coverage like beard, moustache and eyebrow reconstruction. The cost of the procedure would be more in case of facial hair transplant as dealing with face is quite critical in terms of aesthetics.
  • Technique chosen to perform hair transplant: The hair transplant can be performed using FUT and FUE technique. FUE technique is time consuming and tedious procedure based on which the cost of the procedure would be higher.

Clinic related:

  • Reputation of the hair transplant clinic: It is inevitable that the cost of a substandard and a reputed clinic would be different but that is worth spending as the quality of services speaks it all. So despite the higher cost choosing a reputed clinic makes sense.
  • Location of the hair transplant clinic: The cost of living at any location also possess a role in deciding the cost of the procedure. The cities with higher cost of living would make the procedure bit expensive but that does not mean that the quality of services are also good.
  • Credentials of the hair transplant surgeon: A highly qualified surgeon might cost you a higher cost for the procedure but it makes sense to trust on a highly qualified surgeon rather than going under the knife of a sub qualified physician.
  • Sex of the patient: Female hair transplant would be an expensive modality comparing to male hair transplant. The sensitivity of the procedure and the expertise required to perform the procedure successfully justifies the higher cost of the procedure.
  • Quality of hair grafts: If you have thick, curly or wavy hair then lesser number of hair grafts might be needed which would reduce the cost of the procedure. But in cases of straight hairs the need of the hair density is more that would increase the cost of the procedure.

These factors are scrutinized during the primary consult and then the final cost of the procedure is decided. Visit Medispa hair transplant clinic for knowing the final cost of the procedure.

Comparison of cost in various cities in India

Ideally you should consider the best services of hair transplant in India which is offered by Delhi and Jaipur. Let’s know the cost of the procedure in various cities:

  • Delhi: The hair transplant cost in Delhi is affordable and cost of each hair graft range from 20 – 125 INR. Along with the affordable cost the city offers the best quality hair restoration services using the advanced approach.
  • Jaipur: Jaipur has known to be the destination where you can receive the best hair transplant treatment under the expert hands. The cost range usually are comparable with the cost of the hair transplant in Delhi.
  • Bangalore: The hair transplant services in Bangalore is mediocre and you cannot expect an advanced hair transplant. Including, the city does not offer the best hair restoration services but the cost of the procedure is comparable to other metro cities in India. Each hair graft would cost you around 20 – 130 INR.
  • Mumbai:The cost of living at Mumbai is higher and so as the cost of the cosmetic procedures like hair transplant. There are few high end clinics for the hair transplant procedure in the city but the cost at these clinics is sky riding. At high end clinics the cost would be around 40 – 150 INR for each hair graft.

What is the cost of different hair transplant technique?

You might be well aware of the techniques to perform the hair transplant which are FUT and FUE technique. These techniques are different in their way of harvesting the hair graft that is explained as follows:

FUT hair transplant is performed by excising a strip of skin from the donor area that is then dissected to harvest individual hair graft. These hair grafts are transplanted at the desired bald area carefully as per the hairline designing.

FUE hair transplant procedure is employed by pulling or extracting each hair graft from the donor area using a motorized device that is inserted at a respective depth at a particular angulation based on the direction of the root. The extracted hair grafts are then transplanted at the desired bald area carefully as per the hairline designing.

Many clinics quote the higher cost for FUE technique as the procedure is tedious and meticulously performed. The time consumption of the technique is higher than the FUT technique.
At Medispa hair transplant clinic, we completely quote the cost based on the need of hair grafts and not on the basis of the technique opted. Dr SuneetSoni has expertise in performing each of the hair transplant technique and delivers the best possible outcomes. He has huge experience of more than 5000 hair transplant cases and his excellence speaks in his results. Visit Medispa hair transplant clinic to know more about your hair loss and a mesmerizing experience of hair transplant.